Why people take a break for more than 7 days

Hello everyone. Welcome back to my post, in my previous post I discussed how many days one should take off from exercising. I will continue to delve into this topic where in this post I will explain why people take a break for more than 7 days.

Based on my experience the main reason why people take a break from exercising for more than 7 days is simply because they are so use to the standard 7 day break. A this point that it becomes so hard to get back to their workout that they want to extend their break.

I mentioned before that what puts people out of their exercise is when they operate on a busy schedule. At times one can become more occupied than expected which as a result means that they do not train for more than a week. I can testify to this because there are some occasions where I had not exercised for more than 7 days particularly when I have travelled outside of the country. During those times I would attend to other related commitments which meant I would not have time to workout.

Thom whom are prone to or suffer from injury are more than likely to not exercise for a while. The pain is so severe that they may not be able to exercise for weeks – months. I have gone through this experience as I vividly remember deadlifting a heavy weight. A few days after the exercise my back was in some pain that I struggled to walk. This whole process put me off my workout for around 2 weeks.

Life is not easy as we live in a not so perfect world. Therefore it is natural for people to take some time off to reflect on their personal related issues. It can be so severe to the point that one can lose motivation to exercise for weeks or even months.

Although on average one should take a break for 7 days, however based on all the points I outlined in this post it is completely normal to go beyond the one week break. If you feel the need to prolong your time of rest then feel free to do so.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog. The next post is a continuation in which I will discuss how you can still keep your muscles in shape when out of training for more than a week

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