How many days should you take off

Welcome back everyone. In my previous post I explained why it is important to take some time off from exercising. This post will be a continuation where I will discuss how many days I believe one should take off from exercising.

On average I feel that taking a week off (something which I do most of the times) from exercising is just about right because if your muscles are overly sore which would require a significant amount of time to recover then a 7days rest will be fine.

Based on my experience when taking 7 days off from exercising I do not feel compelled to do some other form of exercising such as walking or increased body movement in order to keep my muscles in tact as I still feel my muscles repairing.

There is also that possibility that you may lose motivation to resume exercising when taking a break for more than 7 days because some people can become too accustomed to long periods of rest making it harder for them to get into their normal workout routine. I have spoken to a few people who have rested for more than a week and countless times they tell me they find it so hard to get back into the swing of things. The popular phrase is “ahh I can’t be asked to go back to the gym”

It is important to know that some people will express different views in regards to how many days one should take off from exercising. However this is strictly my opinion which could be easily up for debate.

I want to thank you for all taking out the time to read my post. In my next post I will continue to dab into this topic where I will discuss why people take a break for more than 7 days. Stay tuned.

Do drop your comments in the section below stating how many days break you think one should take from exercising. I will be interested to know.

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