Why you should train your forearms

Hello everyone, welcome to the latest blog where I will tell you why you should train your forearms.

Having bigger and stronger Forearms is important as it will give you that extra edge and strength to pick up weights. This is extremely vital especially for those power lifters who use heavy weights.

Building strong forearms is particularly useful when you do straight bicep curls/hammer curls or preacher curls because your forearms are being used to perform this workout, therefore the stronger your forearms are the more strength you will have to work your biceps.

In addition your forearms is also used to help you deadlift. This is crucial for those who like to deadlift heavy or even in general. I myself and many others whom I know enjoy deadlifting heavy, so therefore if you fit into this category but you do not train your forearms then this for sure should give you a more added incentive to work on your forearms.

I believe that your forearms gives your arms that nice look. When you have big forearms combined with big biceps and triceps then this will make your arms look big which will give it that complete structure. It is important to know that this is my opinion which means that some people may beg to differ.

As much as people don’t pay much attention to working their forearms, it is essential that we incorporate this muscle group into our workout because this will give our arms the overall strength to lift and perform better when working other muscle groups.

I want to sincerely thank you for taking out the time to read my post. Stay tuned for the next post.

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I am that Fitness guy. I strive to help others with their gym goals and also learn from others. And oh! I am built like a tank

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