How to remember to train your forearms

Greeting all, welcome back to my post. Previously I told you all about the muscle group I forget. Today’s post will be a continuation where I will discuss how to not neglect your forearms

I strongly believe that whenever you work your biceps, triceps or shoulders this can help you remember to train your forearms as this is also part of your arms. So when you train these part of your arms have it on the back of your mind to not neglect your forearms which can be achieved by adding this to to your to do list on your phone or by making a note.

Forearms can be performed doing a super set which is achieved by combining this workout with another muscle group popularly your biceps. From my experience it is common to do straight bicep curls/ hammer curls and then to work your forearms in order to intensify your workout.

Compound workouts can be done when training your Forearms and performing shoulders raises together using the dumbbells. Once your shoulders are raised up in the air twist your arms forward and back vice versa as this will work your forearms. For this particular exercise I would advise that you grab light dumbbells to allow you to apply the correct form and technique for your forearms.

It may not always be easy to remember to train this muscle but what I will say is to try your best and to always refer to your to to do list or notes. I also want to mention that there are many other ways where one can remember to work their forearms and these different methods will be based on people’s experiences. In the comment section below feel free to share your tips on how to remember to train your forearms as I will be interested to know.

I want to sincerely thank you for taking out the time to read my posts. In my next post I will show you clips of different forearm workouts. Stay tuned.

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