Muscle Group I neglect

Hello everyone welcome back to my post. Previously I mentioned how one can keep their muscles in tact when resting for more than one week. In this post I will delve into a different topic where I will confess to you all the muscle group I neglect.

I do strive to stay in shape and maintain muscle mass, however I am no way a perfectionist and because of this there is a particular muscle group I fail to work on which is my forearms.

For me I believe that the forearms is very easy to neglect because it is a rare muscle group which does not get a lot of hype. It is not the most popular exercise you will see as opposed to other ones such as Biceps, Triceps and Chest workout. I do not only have this view as a few people whom I chat to in the gym share this same sentiment.

The forearms is one of the smallest muscle and from my view I feel that this certain muscle is pretty much invisible. When I determine whether someone has bulked up or not is achieved through noticing the size of their arms, shoulders and chest, I hardly notice the forearms.

Although I and a few others whom I know neglect their forearms I am also aware that there are many other muscle groups that people neglect. For example I have heard of a person who abandons their calfs. In addition I want to say we are not all perfectionist and we will lack in some areas. At the end of the day the ultimate goal is to continue to develop.

I want to sincerely thank you for taking out the time to read my post. In the next post I will discuss how to prevent neglecting my forearms by adding this to my workout. Stay tuned.

In the comment section below do drop the muscle group you neglect as I will be interested to know.

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